T.I.C. Leadership Training Courses

Prayer Therapy II

Become a licensed Prayer Therapist
Prerequisites: IST, SM, & PT I

This advanced 15-week course in the power of prayer and its use prepares the student for professional T.I.C. prayer therapy work. Workshops and prayer projects help to develop an understanding of the Spiritual Principles upon which all healing is based, and provides many opportunities to learn techniques of specific prayer work and the practice of counseling and praying for others.


Spiritual Leadership

Qualify to teach T.I.C. Curriculum
Prerequisites: PT license & ISL

A course in advanced teaching and leadership techniques - each class and workshop is designed to help the student understand and apply dynamic principles of spiritual leadership in T.I.C., including public speaking, group dyanmics, and self-projection.


Ministerial Training I

Become a T.I.C. Minister
Prerequisite: Leader-Teacher license

This course is required to become a T.I.C. licensed minister - to expand the consciousness and assist in developing an understanding and love of service through spiritual work. Book reports, scientific prayer and a thesis prepare the student for the ministerial license. Presented in four weekend clusters.