Online Ministry - Teaching of the Inner Christ

T.I.C. Outreach Ministry is one that seeks to take classes to groups of people not close to a T.I.C. center but who wish to connect with the Inner Ones.

Our classes are designed to help those who choose to connect with their "Higher Self," their "Inner Christ," and develop their innate Spiritual abilities. We are willing to take our classes to your group of students.

The Online Outreach Ministry helps individuals from all over, in gaining conscious contact with their Center of Divinity, through these same classes.

We also provide services such as Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Prayer Therapy Counseling, Prayer Requests, Memorial /Celebration of Life Ceremonies, Child Dedications, House/Business Blessings, and more, and we are willing to travel.

We offer the following T.I.C. courses in an online format through Zoom: