Self Discovery Courses

Inner Sensitivity Training

Contact Your Inner Christ
No prerequisites - open to all

This life-transforming 12-week course guarantees each person who so desires, to make conscious contact with their divine nature, bringing through their inner name and the accompanying body signal. All names and signals are personally verified by the teacher.

Each lesson's lecture and interactive workshop with personal attention and assistance from the teachers, includes techniques of deep meditation, scientific prayer and pure channeling from Spirit which develop a complete balance of objective ad subjective natures of each individual leading them toward self-authority and self-fullment. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion.

Based on 12 lessons contained in the textbook & CD, "Being a Christ!" by Peter V. Meyer and Ann Meyer Makeever, Founders of the Teaching of the Inner Christ.


Inspired Self Leadership

Lead Yourself to a Happy Life
Prerequisite: IST

A 10-week course for everyone who desires to learn how to effectively lead themselves to happiness and self-fulfillment through a closer relationship with their Inner Christ. Lectures and workshops on following the guidance of your Inner Christ on a daily basis, self-motivation, overcoming obstacles, mental programming, prosperity and personal empowerment.


Prayer Therapy I

(PT I)
Expand Your Prayer Power
Prerequisite: IST

A 10-week course designed to acquaint the student with a working knowledge of the Spiritual Laws upon which scientific prayer is based and the "RUCAT" steps for effective prayer treatments.

Includes workshops and prayer projects emphasizing the importance of the daily practice of prayer for the purpose of enriching the personal life of each student.


Self Mastery in the Christ Consciousness

Develop Your Spiritual Gifts
Prerequisite: IST

This advanced 12-week course in inner sensitivity includes workshops and lectures on clairvoyance, soul travel, dream analysis, and automatic writing. A personal project of the students' choice further develops their spiritual gifts. An exciting exploration of one's inner abilities to sense the Self and the Universe more deeply.


Woman Awareness

Experience Your True Femininity
No prerequisites - open to all women

A 10-week metaphysical beauty course for women of all ages based on the book "Ten Lessons in Woman Awareness" by Ann P. Meyer (Makeever). A unique look at the female nature, and thorough presentations of the Spiritual Principles of sexuality.


Man Awareness

Experience Your True Masculinity
No Prerequisites - open to all men

A 10-week dynamic course for men of all ages, exploring the many facets of masculinity, based on "Man Awareness" by Rev. Al Justice, an adaptation for men of Dr. Makeever's book. Powerful techniques to living a happier, more fulfilling life as a strong and self-accepting man in today's world.