For over thirty-five years I searched for answers to many questions that I had since an early age. In September 2009 I attended an Inner Sensitivity course at T.I.C.. The feeling of love and the non-judgmental atmosphere was like no church, center or institution that I had tried for decades. The class was well organized, full of respect and consideration of all aspects of being. It was like turning on a switch where a process takes place. Soon you start considering yourself on every layer of your being, gaining a high sense of control as many of these layers start to peel and open to expose the beautiful and perfect being we are meant to be.

Stop searching and allow yourself to be introduced in a gentle, intelligent and loving way, to the real you. I have never finished a course at T.I.C. without "hands full of blessings".
Jose A. Solis
T.I.C. literally helped me transform my life. I found peace of mind and connection with Spirit that allowed me to find my "soul mate" and live a life I truly desire.
John Valenzuela
Before joining T.I.C., I always wondered, "who am I, why am I here, what is the purpose and meaning of life, Who or What is God?" I felt lost, confused, and withdrawn. I knew there had to be more to life. On the first day of my first class at T.I.C., I never felt more certain of being at the right place. The words rang true like music from Heaven. Since then, all of my questions have been answered - answers which still continue to evolve. Now, I have a sense of love and connection to Spirit and an understanding of the nature of reality that I never even dreamed possible--truly amazing!
Louie DaVia
I came to the T.I.C. a little over two years ago. I had just lost my mother the last of 9 family members and close friends with-in 18 years, was experiencing major drama at my place of employment and my romantic relationship was in turmoil. I am now taking my fourth class at the T.I.C. I know that it was divine intervention that guided me here. I have learned so much about myself. I am seeing everything in a whole new light. I have learned how to deliberately create my own life with joy and love, and have been given a new family here at T.I.C. If you have read the Secret, Abraham, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, or any other self help books as I had and still feel like something is missing, for me this was the nuts and bolts that tied it all together. Thank You God!
Laura C.
In 1995 when I was searching to learn how to meditate, T.I.C. gave me my first meditation tape. Then taking the classes opened me up so much that it was an extreme life changing experience. Learning about my Inner Christ and understanding that all I have to do is ask questions to receive guidance. I learned that I am One with the Source. T.I.C. has been profound in making my life more loving, exciting, fun and less stressful. When I think I am alone I just ask if my guides are with me? I immediately receive the signal that, yes, of course they are always with me, as we are inseparable. I learned that we come to earth with an entourage to always guide us and work with us 24 hours of each and every day.
Judie PentonLas Vegas