History of Teaching of the Inner Christ

The Teaching of the Inner Christ, Inc. (T.I.C., Inc.) was established over forty years ago in San Diego, California. It was first incorporated in 1966 by its founders, Rev. Ann Meyer Makeever, D.D. and Rev. Peter V. Meyer, D.D.. (See "The Founder" in this site.)

The origin of the Teaching itself is rare and compelling. In 1962, Ann, who was then a prominent singer and mother of four, was contacted by the Yogi Master Babaji who appeared to her in physical form and fed into her mind in many paranormal and mystical ways, a new "Jesus Teaching for the New Age". The premise of this Teaching is that everyone is a Christ. Jesus was the example of the Christ on the earth and likewise everyone has a unique Christ Self within, who is their true and perfect identity.

In 1966 Ann and Peter incorporated "Society for the Teaching of the Inner Christ". Separately, they both had been spiritually taught and guided by Babaji within their own minds for many years. Once together, through channeling and meditation, they received and then formulated the present T.I.C. curriculum, which helps others to contact their own Inner Christs.

Ann's and Peter's experiences of spiritual phenomenon was unbelievable and yet completely genuine. Over time and through outer proof, they learned to trust that this new Teaching would one day change the thinking of the world about the true nature of the human experience.

As the Teaching of the Inner Christ spread and established branch Centers in many other cities, students attested to the rare and powerful spiritual experiences they were sharing and how completely their lives were being changed for the better, through contacting their Inner Christ and learning the power of prayer.

In 1977, with her own vision for the future of this Teaching, Ann withdrew from the first corporation, and established the current organization called "Teaching of the Inner Christ, Inc", which has branch Centers in Long Beach, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as smaller groups in other cities. (See "Locations" in this site.)

T.I.C., Inc. is a non-profit 501C-3 California corporation with state authorization to license and ordain counselors and ministers, as well as grant teaching certification and degrees. It's curriculum and leadership training qualify students for Bachelor of Ministerial Science, Master of Ministerial Science and Doctor of Divinity. (See Courses in this site.)

T.I.C., Inc. is governed by its Policies and Procedures, which is a document written by the founding board to preserve not only the purity of the Teaching itself, but its organizational structure and the quality of its teacher training. These Policies and Procedures are carried out by the International Executive Board of the Teaching which consists of ordained ministers.

All activities, classes, events, literature, textbooks and practices of T.I.C. at every location are supervised and standardized through the Policies and Procedures, to ensure that future generations of students receive the pure and complete Teaching that was originally given to its founders by Babaji and Jesus.

The central mission of the Teaching of the Inner Christ, Inc. is to offer the complete Teaching to students through its curriculum, as each course builds upon the one before it, with the goal being that each student might know their Inner Christ by name and signal, know how to heal themselves, to manifest a more satisfying and productive life, to experience their true and perfect God nature, and to know and fulfill their unique purpose on the earth in this lifetime.

This Teaching is for everyone who desires a better life. It is not limited to any particular religious faith or nationality or race or gender or church membership. All are welcome to come and learn and become more self aware. And in this new understanding, all can become more Christ-like in their everyday life, no matter the religion, nationality, ethnicity or gender. There is only one God. And all are welcome here.