What We Believe - Teaching of the Inner Christ

The Teaching of the Inner Christ (T.I.C.) is a non-profit, non-denominational spiritual teaching which helps you contact and experience your true self, your unlimited self, your Inner Christ Self, in other words, a way to know your SELF in an unlimited way. When you are aware of who you truly are as both human and as an unlimited Christ being, you are more fully able to express yourself and to fulfill your deep desires.

When you become aware of the connection with your Inner Christ, you will also become aware of an inner spiritual name and a unique "vibrational signal" that confirms this. The name and signal are your two most important "safeguards" in revealing or channeling extended knowledge and guidance accurately. We do not give these to you - they emerge spontaneously from deep within you. T.I.C. furnishes the climate for this to happen.

We also believe that you create your life through your choices and beliefs. Therefore, we teach how to transform fear into faith, apparent illness into health, and a sense of failure into success and confidence through the effective use of "Scientific Prayer", positive affirmations, and the healing of negative thoughts and beliefs. When you know how to heal yourself and to receive your perfect guidance from within, you then know your Self-Authority, which is the key to personal happiness and self-fulfillment.